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Cooperative Unit - 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders

6th Graders:

-Cooperative/Competitive Games Unit: Introduction to different game types while getting into groups to modify games that are familiar to them. After making modifications, they will show their "new game" to their peers.

-Dance Unit: Students will preform popular line dances while moving in a coordinated fashion to a beat.

7th Graders:

-Creative Games Unit (Group Project): Students will be placed in groups, given a game type and equipment. They will collectively design a creative game and show it to their peers.

-Line Dance Unit: Each class students will be taught a new dance and will preform the dance as a group. Students will be evaluated on each dance.

** Reminder: Remember to work on your year long fitness goal=)

8th Graders:

-Square Dance Unit (Group Project): Students will be placed into groups and introduced to the etiquete of square dance. They will create a dance that they will show to their peers. They will also be quizzed on the information.

Please be sure to always bring your Student Handbook with you to class.



**There are days that we will lose both the MPR and GYM, so some of the activities may be altered to fit our teaching locations**


** Units that are OUTSIDE (September 13-November 10/ March 5 - end of year) weather permitting, students are encouraged to dress warmly and wear sweatshirts and long pants over their appropriate PE clothing (that they did not wear to school that day).