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Lisa  Mosey
7-White Math, Team Leader
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Ms. Mosey`s Math 


In order to help you out during the year Smilewith your homework,
you should have the following items available at home:  A protractor;
metric/customary ruler; a calculator with at least a SQUARE ROOT key
and a PERCENT key--your phone or computer has these also! 

Students should have single or double subject notebook/binder to keep all homework in and notes given in class. There will be notebook checks randomly and there will be pop quizzes from time to time based on what concepts we are working with. 


Math 7 classes are now in " Accentuate the Negative" , beginning Investigation 3 Thursday.  Mid unit tests will be handed back tomorrow to be signed and returned.  The second half of this unit focuses on the multiplication/division rules and order of operations.   Final unit test is tentatively planned for December 1st. 

Pre-algebra:  We are in "Stretching and Shrinking" unit, which consists of understanding similarity and the relationships between corresponding sides and angles in various figures, such as triangles and rectangles.  Quiz planned for tomorrow on scale factors, finding missing sides using ratios and scale factors, understanding what it means to enlarge and reduce figures and using rules to create similar figures and to move them around on a grid.  Our unit test is tentatively planned for November 30th, week after Thanksgiving. 

Only PENCIL or ERASEABLE pen are allowed in math class and on homework.  
ALL WORK must be SHOWN !! No work, No credit!! 
Homework will be assigned nightly! (Sometimes on the weekend but usually not)

Listed are some valuable links you can use for help, study and review!    This is the REMIND site where you can sign up for private texts from me on homework, upcoming quizzes, tests.  

**This page is intended to be an additional resource to facilitate communication among teacher, student, and parent.  Although it will be updated weekly, assignments may be altered from those that are posted.  All students are responsible for maintaining their DAILY, WRITTEN assignment pads**

Integers addition and subtraction Quizlet