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Mrs. Patella 

Grade 6 Language Arts:

All students will expected to write over an extended amount of time in the areas of narrative, argumentative, and explanatory formats. By the end of the year students will demonstrate a good understanding of grammar skills, strong vocabulary usage, sentence variety, voice, and cohesiveness.

Starting the first day of school, students will establish a routine as writers. As students enter my room, they will retrieve their supplies and start their daily journal entry for 5 minutes. This journal entry will give students the opportunity to edit and/or revise during the mini-lesson.  Next, our lesson begins. We focus on one specific area each day: grammar, vocabulary, editing, revising, or writing workshop.  On various days, small group instruction, writing conferences, or whole group activities will be the part of the lesson routine. 

Writing is graded on a 5 point scale for each trait: Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Structure, Conventions, and Presentation. Revisions are expected from students; they have 2 school days to submit for  the revised grade. The highest grade is entered in the gradebook. I don't average out grades. For example, if a student scores a 27/35 (C+) on the first draft, he/she will revise and resubmit. The student will resubmit the orginal wriiting piece, the original scored rubric, and the revised writing piece. So let's say  the revised paper is now 31/35, the student receives the B+ rather than averaging out the two scores.


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