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**Battle of the Books**



What is the Battle of the Books?

This is an activity that promotes and supports reading and in past years the students have been caught up in the spirit of cooperation, collaboration and team rivalry to read as many books as possible. The Battle of the Books kicks off in January with an after-school Read-a-thon. Students can stay after school to eat pizza, read books and win prizes. The actual competition takes place in the spring, but in the meantime students can come down to the LMC and win prizes by answering the Question of the Week or submitting questions that are used for the Question of the Week. 

6th 7th and 8th grade titles


Skulduggery Pleasant 

Outlaw: The legend of Robin Hood

The London Eye Mystery


Al Capone Does My shirts

A Monster Calls

Jump Into the Sky


Elephant Run

The Running Dream

The Graveyard Book

Alabama Moon

I Am Malala


Hidden Figures


The 7th Most Important Thing


The Power of Un

Lord Loss