Developmental Guidance Lessons

Developmental Guidance Lessons:

Seventh Grade:

Bully Awareness:

Lesson 1: Students will learn about the various forms of cyberbullying and how to protect themselves against a cyberbully.

Lesson 2: Students will identify the various types of bullying and learn techniques that will help them stand up to bullying.

Lesson 3: Students will learn the difference between a bystander and an upstander and learn strategies to help create a positive and caring school community. 

Lesson 4: Students will understand how to define sexual harassment and what to do if they are targets of sexual harassment.

Goal Setting:

Lesson 1: Students will understand why goals are important and be able to identify goals.

Lesson 2: Students will learn the process of setting a goal and will determine their individual goal.

Lesson 3: Students will understand how to evaluate their goals and be introduced to their high school options, encouraging students to plan ahead. 

Eighth Grade:


Lesson 1: Students review cyberbullying laws and how to prevent and protect themselves from a cyberbully. Students learn about sexting and its legal consequences.

Career Exploration:

Lesson 1: Students review goal setting and begin to develop career goals by understanding their personality types.

Lesson 2: Students match their personality types and interests to careers and begin exploring the careers online.

Lesson 3: Students develop a goal to help them move towards their long term career goal.