Social Work & Community Services

School Social Worker: Jody C. Bayer    x183
School Social Worker: Tara Jugler   x189

Telephone: 860-354-2204   (Confidential Voice Mail)
Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:25AM - 2:40PM

Social work services are available to ALL students and their families.  The school social worker can assist students with school- or home-related concerns.  In addition to school-related concerns, parents can contact the school social worker for community service information such as Fuel Assistance programs, Medical Insurance Programs, Food & Clothing Banks, and Rent assistance to name a few.  The school social worker is also available to help direct parents and students to Counseling opportunities within our community as needed.  The school social worker at SMS is dedicated to helping you and your child adjust to our school community and have a great learning experience!


Links To Community Resources and Healthcare:

Affordable Health Care Act

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