World Languages

Incoming 7th Graders: Which language should I choose?

Want to learn more about French?

Do I want to speak French like...                               

Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom,
Emma Watson, Roger Federer,
Madonna, Halle Berry,
Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie,
Meryl Streep, Justin Bieber,
or Helena Bonham Carter?

Want to learn more about Spanish?

Do I want to speak Spanish like...

Ricky Martin, Will Smith,
Alex Rodriguez, Selena Gomez,
Beyoncé, Kobe Bryant,
Shakira, America Ferrara,
Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, or Cristiano Ronaldo?
Did you know that...

- French is the second most frequently 
taught second language in the world 
after English?

- because French provides over 35% of
modern English vocabulary, someone who has
never studied French already knows 15,000
words and expressions?

- French is spoken as a native language on
five continents?

- French is one of the two official languages
of many international organizations like
the U.N., NATO, the Red Cross, and
the International Olympic Committee?

- Montreal is the 2nd largest French-speaking
city in the world after Paris... and is only
six hours from New Milford

Did you know that...

- Spanish is the official langauge in
21 countries?

- about 330 million people in the
speak Spanish as their official language?

- approximately another 100,000 people
speak Spanish as a second language?

- Spanish is expected to be the first
language of 50% of the population of
the United States within 50 years?

- the Spanish language is used
world-wide on the internet?