Report Card Dates / Honor Roll Eligibility

Marking Period Closing Dates 2022/2023

Marking Period 1 closes 11/14/2022

Marking Period 2 closes 1/30/2023

Marking Period 3 closes 4/5/2023

Marking Period 4 closes 6/19/2023

Please note, the closing date for each marking period is subject to change due to school closings/inclement weather.


Honor Roll Eligibility

To recognize outstanding scholastic achievement, motivate students to do well in their studies, and teach students the importance of meeting all their responsibilities, the Board of Education hereby establishes the following categories of honors and the criteria for eligibility for said honors.


Honors with Distinction:  All grades 90 or better in all subjects.

High Honors:  An average of 90 or better in all subjects. No grade below 70.

Honors:   An average of 85 or better in all subjects.  No grade below 70.


In order to be eligible for the honor roll, a student must be in at least four classes.