In a recent survey conducted by the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages, French was listed as the favorite language of high school students nationwide.


New Milford students who chose to study French say…

“French is the ONLY class that I look forward to each day.”
Emma, grade 8

“French is a great subject to take. It is just as easy as Spanish and it is so much more fun! You get to play fun games and learn about French-speaking countries.” 
Abbey, grade 8

“I like being different. I wasn’t going to pick Spanish just because my friends did.”
Zoe, grade 7
“I chose to study French in school because I knew I would have a chance to use it with my family and friends from Canada and Switzerland, and also because it is one of the most highly used global languages.”

french flags

Nate, grade 11

“We get to play cool games in class that help us learn the words that we are studying.”
Lucinda, grade 7

“French helped me get organized…I think taking French benefited me in other classes.”
Angela, grade 8

“I chose French because it is a very elegant language, filled with a unique history. We learn and have fun!” 
Eric, grade 8

“I would recommend French to other students because of the great teachers and the challenging curriculum.”
Phil, grade 11

“French is a beautiful language with a rich and varied culture. I have had a great experience in my years of studying French. Learning French will be the best choice you can make.”
Allison, grade 12